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TOPIC: PVC wallboard advocate conservation

PVC wallboard advocate conservation 02 Mar 2017 03:42 #10316

PVC integrated wall panels in addition to pollution-free, easy installation, fashion beautiful, there is a more prominent point is the environmental protection, according to the survey the vast majority of owners to buy a house after the second renovation, which makes the rough room at least 60 per square meter Yuan material equipment into a garbage, waste of resources shocking. Secondary transformation of investment in general 6,000 yuan -18000 yuan, accounting for about 10% of the total cost of decorative projects around 12%, which not only to the consumer caused by economic waste, but also the security of the building structure buried unpredictable hidden dangers The But the environmental protection of the PVC wallboard can be recycled again and again, a fundamental solution to the second renovation of the wall material when the problem of garbage. At the same time, practical and energy saving can not be ignored. Improper selection, the use of backward performance or environmentally friendly materials, leading to environmental pollution and energy waste. At the same time, extensive use of artificial heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and other equipment, not only cut off the connection between man and nature, and spent a lot of energy.
We should advocate conservation-oriented decoration, should focus on practical, environmental protection, energy saving, cultivate the concept of scientific conservation, as long as a slight improvement, each household can save at least 20% of the renovation costs. PVC wallboard performance is precisely to meet everyone this point, PVC integrated wall materials using PVC and bamboo fiber raw materials, material quality to achieve noise, heat, moisture, fire effects, is the country to promote energy-saving environmental protection products The And its length can be tailored, do not worry about the extra material will be wasted.
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