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TOPIC: How to choose a good quality non-slip flooring

How to choose a good quality non-slip flooring 23 Mar 2017 03:26 #10405

How to choose a good quality non-slip flooring
How is the floor slippery? 1, carpet carpet mat: laying on the floor carpet or mat is the easiest way to save time and effort. But the mat, the carpet should always be cleaned, or dirty will affect the overall appearance, so more trouble. 2, ordinary simple to deal with the ground: the restaurant floor is too slippery may be caused by grease, this time you can use hot water to add a small amount of cleaning fluid for cleaning, this effect is very good, so clean up after the floor to dry. 3, the physical treatment of the ground: the floor carefully polished, this can also solve the problem of non-slip floor, but the appearance is not good-looking, because there will be dealt with the floor will be uneven phenomenon. 4, the use of anti-slip fluid: anti-skid liquid treatment on the floor is also very effective, the use of anti-skid liquid floor can be fast and safe non-slip, surface resistance, and this anti-skid out simple, convenient, will not affect the normal use.
How to buy good quality non-slip floor? First, to know that non-slip flooring is good because the anti-skid flooring friction coefficient is high, the general range of 0 to 1, according to international standards, the floor surface friction coefficient of up to 0.6 is more safe, less than 0.5, The risk of falling falls. So we buy non-slip floor when the friction coefficient should pay attention to whether the standard, but depends on the place you use, if the bathroom, the ground will be more humid, non-slip floor friction coefficient must not be less than 0.6.
Second, in the purchase of non-slip floor, you can stamp on the surface of the floor several test anti-skid effect. Or walk in the dry floor, check the anti-skid effect, if walking to feel slippery, then do not choose this floor.
Consumers in the inspection of non-slip flooring quality is good or bad, in addition to see the performance of non-slip floor, the floor can not ignore the anti-fouling performance. Because the floor every day to go, in terms of cleaning is also very important, if the substandard floor, it is easy to filth, then the late cleaning and maintenance work is more trouble.
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