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Captain Ersatz: While in WCW he got an ersatz in Fire Pro Wrestling. It's possible it was inspired by something earlier but eventually it was confirmed as Mike Awesome. Catch Phrase: "Because I'm AWESOME!" Demoted to Extra: He only had one PPV match during his WWE run, which was he and Lance Storm losing to Edge and Christian at InVasion.

The Ref. Denis Leary gets distracted, leading to the son of his two hostages grabbing his gun and demanding that Leary untie his parents or he'll shoot. However, Denis knows the kid's not a killer, and starts moving towards the kid. When the phone rings and momentarily distracts the son, Leary simply takes the gun back.

Bulma also does this when she suggests simply finding out where Dr. Gero is and killing him before he activates the androids. She's promptly shot down because Goku and Vegeta like the sound of the challenge these androids will bring. In some versions, Krillin also tells her in secret that it's best to give former villains Piccolo and Vegeta a mutual enemy. Goku also suggests that since Dr. Gero hasn't built the androids yet, it would be tantamount to killing an innocent person, which he doesn't want to do (of course, he's forgetting that Gero was the lead scientist of the Red Ribbon Army, and so most of their tech was probably built by him). Vegeta, meanwhile, says that even by the time they found Dr. Gero, it would be too late.

Leo, Mikey and Don all wear red headbands like the Mirage comics until they find Raphael again, then they switch to their individual colors as seen everywhere else. Explained as they were honoring the missing Raphael by wearing his color. Krang's robot body in the past looks very similar to the one he used in the 1987 cartoon (especially the head).

Though prone to BABIP fluctuations as a ground ball pitcher with a poor defensive unit behind him and a low IFFB%, I see little reason to be anything but optimistic about his 2015 performance. The only concern I have is about his innings, since he threw just 134 this year. If he is only able to reach 170 innings tops, it going to cut into his overall value, as that will cap his wins and strikeout potential. His projections helped him win the inaugural 2013 Tout Wars mixed draft league. He also sells beautiful photos through his online gallery, Pod's Pics.

Unusually Uninteresting Sight: While the other stick figures show clear concern at seeing Green and The Second Coming lying exhausted on the ground, it's dispelled as soon as Green gives an I'm Okay! gesture, and camping cheap jerseys beyond some brief surprise they don't give much thought to seeing the Youtube UI completely destroyed.

Blood Knight: A lot of heroes happen to enjoy fighting, which is partly why they are so good at it. Of note are the two Nigh Invulnerable Servants, Rider of Red and Saber of Black, who get excited when fighting someone who can injure them due to being bored of never being in danger.

All Contest Entries submitted may be posted on the publicly accessible Contest Website during and following the Contest. By submitting a Contest Entry, each entrant acknowledges and agrees that his/her Contest Entry may be posted on the publicly accessible Contest Website during and following the Contest, and if he/she is selected as a winner, his/her Contest Entry will be posted on the Contest Website. By submitting a Contest Entry, entrant hereby grants permission for his/her Contest Entry to be posted on the Contest Website and other Sponsor web sites. Promotion Parties do not guarantee the posting of any Contest Entry. Entrants agree that they will not use the Contest Entry for any other purpose, including, without limitation, posting the Contest Entry to any online social networks, without the express consent of Sponsor in each instance.

Bergeron: started an accruing "Secret Square Stash" during Season 2, usually with a trip or gift card, and added a prize each day until claimed. The highest Secret Square was valued at around Hot Potato: The jackpot started at and increased by that amount until it was won or new champions were crowned.

A Lighter Shade of Black: The Gecko brothers are thieves and murderers, but the vampires run an international drug cartel and drain innocent girls by the container full. Arc Words: "The Gecko Brothers ride again/The Gecko Brothers are back." "I'm a professional thief." "You're my brother." Artistic License History: Professor Tanner mentions to Freddie that the Culebras' symbol appears in "codexes[sic] going back three thousand years" that paper technology wasn't even developed in the Americas until around the 5th century CE.

It's also worthwhile to mention that while the "Five Year Plan" was more intentionally referencing the Soviet Union's economic plans, Nazi Germany had similar "Four Year Plans" for economic development meant to rival the Soviet plans. Ramming Always Works: Sabine rams a stolen Imperial transport through an AT DP's leg, tripping it, and another transport, knocking it over.

Tropes in the series. Animal Eye Spy: The , a summoned beast that is weak offensively but has the Skill to let the see what it sees. City of Adventure: By design. The city of Falark is on the frontier betwen the Human kingdom, several demi human races, especially elves, and the Demonic Beings.

Ancient Evil: Dark Matter. Armor Piercing Slap: Pierce is on the receiving end of one from, of all people, the Tenganist prophet in Chapter 10. Anyone Can Die: Even though it looked like the story was moving in the direction of rescuing him, Professor Elm gets blown up by the Tenganists' bomb meant for Ghetsis in chapter 19.

Profile: Another year, more of the same from Clay Buchholz. For the third year out of the last five, the enigmatic Boston righty saw a solidly above average season end at less than 120 innings pitched. After a bumpy April (where Buchholz suffered from some unfortunate batted ball luck), he rapidly became one of the best pitchers in baseball, owning a 2.20 ERA between May 10th to July 10th. You could argue those are arbitrary endpoints, but in reality, July 10th ended up being Buchholz's final outing of the season thanks to an elbow strain. A particularly disappointing injury due to the fact that he was posting the best strikeout minus walk rate and SIERA of his career. Now "hidden" behind David Price, Buchholz has supposedly had a normal offseason and should be ready to rock in the spring. It's tantalizing to gamble on at least some of 2015's gains being sustainable, but you almost have to factor in at least 50 innings of replacement level value in your fantasy rotation slot while he's hurt. Draft accordingly. (Colin Zarzycki)

Same goes for Pab and Peb seemingly replacing original girlfriends Betty and Patty in Bubble Bobble Plus aka Bubble Bobble Neo. And the Adventure Continues: The good and happy endings in Bubble Symphony state that there's a new adventure waiting for them. Animorphism: A nfl jerseys step curse turns protagonists Bub and Bob into .

In the "White Collar" Season 4 premiere, Neal is ditching his formal suit and tie attire for some requisite vacation apparel including his dearly missed fedora while he and Mozzie (Willie Garson) hide out in an exotic locale. However, Neal starts to realize that he's not the kind of guy who can kick back on the beach for the rest of his life. "Neal's not ready for retirement," said Bomer. "He gets really stir crazy, really fast."

Cyclic National Fascination: This film, along with the invention of the hole card camera (which made it possible for Poker to truly become a spectator sport) and the rise of online poker sites, is credited with the sudden rise in popularity of Texas Hold 'Em Poker at the start of the 21st century.

Confusion Fu: Woona tries this during the Final Battle against Dark Woona, but it's https://www.cheapjerseyfly.com subverted when most of her efforts are still thwarted. Conveniently Interrupted Document: At one point, Woona discovers part of a note that tells her where to find a certain key, along with "soon" and a few partial words.

The other teams, which pretty much serve as cannon fodder, are dressed in green, purple, and blue. Comforting Comforter: A rather sweet scene when Dre falls asleep onto Mr Han's lap and a hesitating Mr Han places a hand on his shoulder. Crazy Cultural Comparison: The scene involving the hot water switch.

First, amending the Constitution is a difficult process by design, and not every unwise Supreme Court decision justifies the attempt. Citizens United, which was decided only six years ago by a mere 5 4 majority, could plausibly be reconsidered or narrowed with a change in the court's membership. Hillary Clinton, for one, has made it clear that she would appoint justices likely to reconsider the ruling. (She also says she would fight for a constitutional amendment to overturn the ruling "if necessary.")

For bonus points, characters who learned the Truth without proper training could accidentally erase themselves from reality. Arguably subverted, in that The Truth HAS been revealed to the playing public after Nightfall Games admitted that they would never get around to publishing SLA Industries as they would have liked. It's.
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