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TOPIC: How to maintain solid wood flooring

How to maintain solid wood flooring 11 Oct 2018 08:11 #11256

<p>Floor is fractionation, different kind has different price, know oneself to need what kind of floor before laying so and budget probably defray, solid wood floor, aggrandizement wood floor,deck material other than wood solid wood laminate floor is our commonly used floor kind. </p>

<p>Solid wood flooring</p>
<p>Solid wood floor does not need to say more naturally, the floor that fills solid with true wood, step on have foot feeling very much, quality is good, of course the price is the most expensive also, and want constant attention to maintain. </p>
Solid wood flooring how to distinguish,House Plans For Narrow Lots On Waterfront it is a piece of pure chocolate, from the inside to the outside are strong, and the same color, from time to time will send out the delicate smell of wood. </p>

<p>Aggrandizement wood floor</p>
<p>Relative to solid wood flooring, laminate flooring because of the different prices of raw materials are also much lower. </p>
<p>The grain of the plank is more monotonous, the foot feels not so comfortable, thickness is thinner. </p>
<p>And do not need to polish, paint, wax, with easy cleaning, strong wear resistance and so on. </p>
<p>Aggrandizement floor is equivalent to Shili, although the surface is smooth and textural, but the middle material is not the same, using the outer surface for packaging, natural quality is not so good,Interior Pvc White Slab Door but also will release formaldehyde. </p>

<p>Solid wood composite floor </p>
<p>Solid wood laminate flooring, which is stacked in layers like a wafer,5th wheel portable deck home is usually made up of a single layer of solid wood, a multi-layer substrate, and a mixture of glue, heated and pressed. </p>
<p>So glue is the key to the quality of the floor. </p>
<p>And if the glue quality is not good, not only will separate, but also will bring environmental problems.</p>
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