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TOPIC: learned from different enterprises

learned from different enterprises 27 Jun 2018 01:28 #11245

<p> been learned from different enterprises that in the first half of the year, everyone had a hard time, especially when the traditional amount of prime time 315 and 51 did not surprise everyone. Common aspiration of many businesses. However, we can see that April and May are apparently affected by macroeconomic regulation and control. Then why the second half of the year to improve and r complex ASE it? The second half of the year is the tra 1979. Period of gold sales. In fact, macroeconomic regulation and control did not </p>
<p>hinder the prices of real estate. The enthusiasm for consumption expectation will be broken by the stalemate and the demand for self- The involved decline was strong. The decline was relative to The increase in last year The increased increase in the first half of 2009 was due to the release of the financial crisis in 2008, which is not the norm.) The 'sad' of the enterprises Is also not the real sales frustration compared with last Year's 'very good'. So, I think the amount of the second half there will be a release period. If you have to </p>
<p>forecast this period, I predict the fourth quarter. Second, multi-scale, less Maori. Flooring industry Is earned 'porter' money, as health care products, IT products so high gross profit. Many companies do not really realize the scale effect. Scale, is an important indicator of the floor business. Only on the scale, eve Long aspect of the Production chain will come out Of profit margins. As long as the size, the number of single-storey and single-storey require a substantial increase in quality, which is the enterprise's channel assets. Only </p>
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