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TOPIC: floor businesses

floor businesses 06 Jun 2018 09:02 #11240

<p>become the 'strategic straws' of the floor businesses.
Flooring market: Antique floor sales decline, floor companies hope to increase sales through the development of multi-purpose antique flooring; bamboo flooring domestic market is difficult to open late, floor business operating pressure is increasing. 1. <a href='mainetrains.biz/wpc-fence/14122-plastic-...omposite-sheets.html'>plastic wood composite sheets</a> Antique flooring: sales decline, flooring companies hope to increase sales through the development of multi-purpose antique flooring. The unique effect of rustic flooring, simple textures, and embossed surfaces has always been the first </p>
<p>choice for young consumers who are pursuing individuality. In 2011, the floor market continued to slump, and the sales of antique flooring were also declining. The major reason for this decline was that consumer groups had become more narrow. In order to attract more consumers to buy antique flooring, floor merchants have made a fuss about the colors and uses of antique flooring. For example, flooring companies now select wood with particularly beautiful textures to produce larger-sized products,<a href='mainetrains.biz/wpc-fence/14121-serbian-wood-for-decking.html'>serbian wood for decking</a> so that these antique floors can </p>
<p>be used not only on floors, but also as wallboards. In the face of declining floor sales, businesses are looking to attract consumers by continuously developing new products. At present, Guangdong Yuzhu international wood market drawing relief antique floor 910 �� 125 �� 18mm offer 280 yuan / square meter. 2. Bamboo flooring: The domestic market has been difficult to open for a long time, and the operating pressure of flooring companies has been increasing. According to media reports recently,<a href='mainetrains.biz/wpc-fence/14120-figuring...boards-you-need.html'>figuring how many deck boards you need</a> well-known bamboo flooring </p>
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