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TOPIC: solid wood floorin

solid wood floorin 05 Jun 2018 00:45 #11239

<p>domestic flooring companies have shifted their sights from Europe and the United States to neighboring Asian countries. 1. Antique flooring: Sales volume has been declining. Merchants have taken various measures to open up customers and increase sales. The recent sluggish flooring market has dragged down floor sales, and many businesses have reported to reporters that they Have not received new floor orders for a long time. The projects currently being done are mainly orders from old customers.<a href='perekshira.org/wpc-fence/820.html'>how to build fence gates wood</a> However, with the </p>
<p>continuous downturn in the home improvement market, old customers�� orders are also decreasing. Orders, in addition to giving greater discounts on prices, continue to improve the use of the products. Such as antique flooring, the reporter recently discovered that many floor companies are selling more plates than the floor boards. Businesses revealed to reporters that in addition to having better quality, these antique floors have more features in terms of craftsmanship and styling, <a href='perekshira.org/wpc-fence/821.html'>different types of deck floors</a> and in terms of use, they can be used as floorboards </p>
<p>and can also be used as wallboards, and more importantly, they are The price is quite cheap. In the context of declining sales, businesses have adopted various methods to expand customer base and increase sales. It can also be seen that the pressure of the current floor business is constantly expanding. At present,<a href='perekshira.org/wpc-fence/822.html'>how many pickets for shadow box fence</a> Guangdong Yuzhu International Timber Market Qimu antique flooring 600 �� 125 �� 18mm offer 165 yuan / square meter. 2. Intensified flooring: The export market began to shift, and the domestic flooring companies </p>
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