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TOPIC: the price of imported flooring

the price of imported flooring 16 May 2018 07:31 #11230

<p>wood flooring, in the last two months, Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd., which has an import channel, has not been able to import red sandalwood blanks from Paraguay. The pre-deposit deposits rose and the prices of logs rose continuously, making Xiamen's solid wood floor distributors complain of orders in December, selling at the price agreed upon in the order, and the profits were greatly reduced. Therefore, in terms of sales,<a href="woodcompositedeck.org/composite-decking/...-tractor-supply.html">hog wire deck railing from tractor supply</a> the merchant decided to change the amount of advance receipts for orders: In the past, </p>
<p>customers could receive orders as long as they paid 1,000 yuan or even 500 yuan in deposits. Now, due to expectations of rising costs, dealers' orders for delivery after the Spring Festival General requirements to pay the full amount or 70% to 80% of the purchase price,<a href="woodcompositedeck.org/eco-panel/outdoor-...or-wooden-decks.html">outdoor fire pits for wooden decks</a> which also added the expected increase in costs. The original origin of logs in Indonesia is undergoing a change of government. Log exporters expect the new government to increase taxes on log exports by 33%. These factors will make the price of solid wood flooring </p>
<p>further rise, the industry expects two months after the Spring Festival, solid wood flooring will increase prices by 20 yuan. The transition to composite solid wood flooring In terms of operations,<a href="woodcompositedeck.org/eco-panel/waste-bi...rs-uae-exchange.html">waste bin suppliers uae exchange</a> businesses with financial strength can also rely on small profits and oversell to attract customers, and some small distributors have to raise the price higher, or rely on the decoration company's rebates to survive. Last year, due to the increase in raw materials for solid wood flooring, one quarter of the country's solid wood flooring factories stopped </p>
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