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TOPIC: Production and sales

Production and sales 14 May 2018 06:52 #11228

<p>its independent characteristics, and it occupies all floors. A very good development Field has won the recognition of the vast number of consumers. In recent years, multi-layer solid wood flooring has developed rapid Ly. Production and sales volume has soared by 3 billion. In 2006, compared with 2005, its sales volume has soared to 5 billion yuan. <a href='floor.firststepkingston.org/pvc-deck/700...g-qatar-airline.html'>plastic capped decking qatar airline</a> In the analysis of the sales level of the market, the current strengthening of the floor occupies a great advantage . The second is solid wood flooring, and the third is solid wood </p>
<p>composite. However, the surge in the market share of multi-layer solid wood flooring is obvious to all of us. Reinforced flooring is also resistant. The relatively strong ground floor, <a href='floor.firststepkingston.org/pvc-deck/699...signs-san-diego.html'>horizontal deck railing designs san diego</a>Its market share is relatively large, multi-layer solid wood floor occupied in the middle of the laminate flooring and solid wood flooring, the introduction of multi-layer multi-layer solid wood flooring is very common, so we analyze, the next 10 years The wood composite Places will also become the main products of China's flooring industry, and will also become the mainstream trend of floor consumption. In a sense, solid wood composite places have replaced The solid wood compounded place meets the requirements of the </p>
<p>country for the development of the flooring industry. As we all know, since CCTV reported the ��European Code Event��, <a href='floor.firststepkingston.org/pvc-deck/698...-floating-decks.html'>balcony floating decks</a> the reputation of the wood floor industry has been greatly reduced in the minds of consumers, and wooden floors have been greatly affected. The impact, however, is not yet clear. All this indicates that the flooring industry is gradually becoming mature. The industry will become more standardized and centralized. The Chinese flooring industry will be the main product in the future development, and we will also </p>
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