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TOPIC: environmental protection deck

environmental protection deck 04 May 2018 07:18 #11220

<p>the higher price/performance ratio of second-tier brands, the brand value of second-tier brands is not as strong as that of first-line brands, and the price is more approachable. At the same time, the quality of products is also guaranteed. In addition, most of the rural markets have no concept for floor brands. In the rural market, Lu Bin, secretary general of the floor professional committee of the China Forest Products Industry Association, told reporters that the previous lock technology was more applied in the field of laminate </p>
<p>flooring and the global floor lock technology experience Five stages: From the initial single-locking floor to the double-locking floor, to later the industry's most popular snap-on latches to more personalized three-dimensional oblique chute locks and 45-degree angle plug-in floor locks . When the technology of the reinforced floor lock has evolved to the extreme, the lock technology of the solid wood floor is still in a blank stage. The reporter learned that solid wood flooring belongs to the high-end products of the flooring industry. </p>
<p>It has been used in the form of keel or splint and then directly 'I-shaped' paving. There are problems such as large gaps, easy moisture cracking, and paving problems. Since 2013, Tiange Flooring, Longjue Flooring and other companies have been actively developing solid wood locking floors, pure solid wood floor heating, etc., and expect to solve the historical difficulties of solid wood flooring. Focus on the new lock floor to reduce costs to improve environmental performance Solid wood flooring in the use of the most common </p>
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