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TOPIC: new floor of the iconostasis

new floor of the iconostasis 02 May 2018 08:35 #11219

<p>consumers. They are desperately trying to get a share in this market. As a result, many geothermal floors that cannot meet the standards have entered the consumers. At home, when the floor is heated, it sews and cracks, giving off a bad health odor,<a href='firststepkingston.org/pvc-deck/3715.html'>compositee wood for subflooring</a> which makes consumers miserable. It is not the same as the original commitment of the flooring manufacturer. However, there is no ruler to measure the commitment of others. Well, nowadays, the country finally has to introduce such a standard. The benefit is necessarily the consumer. The introduction of geothermal floor standards is worthy of everyone's expectation. For manufacturers, there are rules for production, and for consumers, there is </p>
<p>evidence to be followed when buying. Shanghai Lingge Wood Co., Ltd. as the drafting unit of the standard, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of this company, learned that the company is a research and development, production, sales as one of the companies, can independently produce solid wood, reinforced, solid wood composite flooring This is one of the few in the industry. In particular,<a href='firststepkingston.org/pvc-deck/3716.html'>faded decking best price</a> the wood lock technology was patented in 2002. The company��s products have passed various tests of experts under high </p>
<p>standards and strict requirements,<a href='firststepkingston.org/pvc-deck/3717.html'>contemporary interior railing designs</a> and as standard practitioners and drafters, they should play a leading role in the resistance to geothermal floors and constantly bring about other Manufacturers will strengthen and expand the market segment of geothermal flooring.
The author recently learned from the National Development and Reform Commission that the 'Standard for Ground Radiant Floor Heating Flooring' of the People's Republic of China jointly drafted by China Timber Distribution Association and Shanghai Lingge Wood </p>
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