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TOPIC: consumer market

consumer market 26 Apr 2018 10:02 #11216

<p>the other is that the decorative company plays a large role. Because generally you have to go to the decoration he needs a design, a group of people who design the decoration company, you are like a few CEOs who decorate the company today, they have a great role to play, you should buy that brand, decorate The company sometimes said: 'You don't buy him to buy me,<a href="woodcompositedeck.org/eco-panel/patio-de...ns-oman-capital.html">patio deck bench plans oman capital</a> I also have,' so there are also decoration companies doing floorboards, such as Cobb Boloni, including Dong Yi Risheng. After the financial crisis, including the </p>
<p>recent real estate market, some brands in the flooring industry rose quickly, and some of them fell. The floor is not the same as the furniture. The decoration industry is a service industry. The floor is ��a sub-quality, nine-point service��. The floor is guaranteed for one year.<a href="woodcompositedeck.org/eco-panel/outdoor-...cking-sri-lanka.html">outdoor timber decking sri lanka</a> Can it be guaranteed for three years? We have to do branding, that is to say, we must compare our hearts. I think that a successful brand must understand service. The last one is that these bosses have social responsibilities, have social responsibilities for the country, </p>
<p>have social responsibilities for consumers, <a href="woodcompositedeck.org/eco-panel/easy-eas...decking-in-type.html">easy easy to wpc decking in type</a>and have social responsibilities for doing charity work. The boss��s consciousness determines the height of the brand. There are more than 100 flooring manufacturers in Beijing and it can be said that there are not many famous brands produced in Beijing. Do not touch the stones to cross the river floor, the market is too mature, which road is successful, which road is a failure, it should be very clear. SouFun home network from the enterprise and consumers to measure, you predict the entire home </p>
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