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TOPIC: Wooden floor " thick " with " thin " ?

Wooden floor " thick " with " thin " ? 25 Apr 2018 06:12 #11215

<p>the floor is us decorate advocate one of material, want to choose a floor to need to understand sort first, after what type understanding is clear about, go seeing that again more appropriate oneself, floor of so good beautiful home is small make up first for say the floor basically has what sort, additionally ply also is the problem of attention,replacing wood to vinyl on patio deck how does this thickness choose? And listen to us the topic now! </p>

<p>The detailed classification of the floor</p>

<p>Real wood floor is to use natural material wood, be machined with mechanical equipment and become, the characteristic of this floor is the property that holds day lumber. Real wood floor has plain top floor,teak cupboards manufacturers trinidad tongue-and-groove floor board commonly, point to ground connection board, compositive point to ground connection board. </p>

<p>Because be the plank crisscross lamination that plants by different tree,solid wood joins a floor board and into, real wood floor was overcome on certain level wet bilge the defect of drying shrinkage,Exterior Grade Laminate Countertops have better stability, the natural wood grain that withheld real wood floor and comfortable foot feel. Solid wood adds up to a floor to hold the beautiful sex of the stability that has aggrandizement floor board and real wood floor concurrently, and have environmental protection advantage. </p>

<p>The formal name of aggrandizement wood floor controls woodiness floor board for macerate ply of paper. It also is three-layer structure: Surface layer is contain wear-resisting material 3 get together macerate of cyanogen amine colophony decorates paper, core layer spends beaverboard or particieboard for medium, high density, ground floor balances paper for resinous of macerate phenolic aldehyde. The characteristic of this kind of floor, wearability and dimension stability are better. </p>

<p>Although woodflooring is not lumber, but also return in wooden floor cavalcade. woodwood joins a floor board,anchor a circular wood post to concrete with brackets surface layer of this kind of floor and ground floor are bamboo, soft qualitative lumber is among, use fir normally, the floor of this kinds of structure is out of shape not easily. </p>

<p>Cork floor is not to use lumber to machine a floor actually, the bark that cultivates with bolt oak however is raw material, the course smashs, hot pressing and into plank, repass machinery equipment machines a floor. Appearance of this kind of plank is similar to soft qualitative plank, accordingly, its are people miscall " cork " continue to now all the time, people returns reason to call this floor board up to now cork floor. Its characteristic is light, soft, sufficient sense is good. </p>
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