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TOPIC: the floor price hike

the floor price hike 20 Apr 2018 08:54 #11210

<p>laminate floorings named after B\u0026Q are certified by the International Forest Organization to ensure that the flooring products purchased by customers are from forests or well-managed plantation forests that guarantee the long-term ecological health of the residents of the forest area and animals and plants. B\u0026Q is the Protecting the ecological environment presents a new concept and concept. B\u0026Q has also sent letters to its suppliers several times and requested that the logs and billets provided by them are from legal </p>
<p>and sustainable forests.<a href='weetwood.org/pvc-fence/931.html'>barn wood wood paneling</a> For some suppliers that are not implemented as required, B\u0026Q does not rule out the possibility of terminating their cooperation.
The floor price rises behind the scenes behind the manipulation of the hands of the raw material shortage is the head? Recently, <a href='weetwood.org/pvc-fence/932.html'>composite decking retaining wall</a>the word ��price hike�� on wood flooring has returned to people��s eyes. Some companies have expressed that they have ��stuck�� the pressure of rising raw material prices and raised prices, and some are brewing price increases, from 5% to 10% range.</p>
<p> Although some people think that consumers are not sensitive to the price fluctuations of flooring and durable goods,<a href='weetwood.org/pvc-fence/933.html'>split rail vinyl fence uae airlines</a> the price increase will not have a big impact on the market as a whole, but many brand floorboards have raised their prices ��real time��. Some industry insiders have noticed that the average price of man-made fiberboard ��soaring�� is close to the ��capped�� price of domestic substrates, which is not simply caused by shortage of raw materials and rising raw material prices. In the voice of screaming, there was a questioning </p>
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