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TOPIC: pay attention to marketing

pay attention to marketing 16 Apr 2018 05:33 #11205

<p>why shuffle years? Shuffling laminate flooring in terms of 9, the first brand too much, the second inspection too much, the third image too much advertising, so many dealers, should be their own advertising. Fourth, the store too much, we compete with each other, you nano my anti-bacterial, you a star I four-star. Fifth, laminate flooring exports the largest. Experts say the project board now has 2,000 tons, probably 1,000 tons. Sixth, many legal disputes. Lushuihe also participated in legal disputes,<a href="vivaanjewels.in/pvc-deck/6280.html">india wood plastic composite manufacturer</a> once litigation I also implicated. 07</p>
<p> floor is the brand shuffling year, in this case we must have the confidence of individuals, we should regard the brand as their own. Jilin Forest Industry is very strong, and it is now in Beijing, Jilin Forest Industry's production plant here, Jilin forest workers floor good quality, good where? The substrate is good, which is better than many other brands. Once a spot check in Beijing, White showed me a long time ago. He asked me whether it was made domestically or imported.<a href="vivaanjewels.in/eco-deck/540.html">cost of plastic landscape timbers</a> I think this floor is like an imported one. Because of domestic </p>
<p>flooring, imported flooring is not the same substrate. Once Montblanc dealers will ask me to see, I look at their floor, I said I bet, certainly not imported, I can see it at a glance.<a href="vivaanjewels.in/eco-deck/1856.html">engineered hardwood flooring brazilian cherry</a> Jilin forest workers in Changbai Mountain, the substrate can be seen. Laminate flooring will certainly face shuffling, the shuffle is bound to be conducive to brand response, is conducive to the development of the industry. Jilin forest workers in the marketing market, we must strengthen, we must catch up, I am an old friend, once again hope that you will strengthen </p>
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