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TOPIC: Service is heavy head

Service is heavy head 13 Apr 2018 07:25 #11200

<p>development of the Chinese market, foreign brands in China to do very little marketing success. The best in the world to do the end is Chinese, flexible and flexible, so that Chinese people in the marketing concept is superior to foreigners. Marketing terminals in China are mainly distributors, manufacturers need to consider how to make dealers earn money, such as the store's unified image, advertising investment,<a href='weetwood.org/composite-decks/529.html'>composite planter boxes for decks plans</a> Chinese enterprises have more emphasis on foreign brands in these areas is not fine, At the same time, cultural differences will also </p>
<p>make a lot of different marketing routines, copying a set of foreign and not suited to China's national conditions. Watch out for 'foreign' equipment. Foreign investment tends to bring their own equipment and production technology. The so-called investment is often invested in equipment. At present, foreign investment in equipment has two tendencies: First, the introduction of foreign equipment eliminated; the second is the introduction of the highest degree of automation equipment,<a href='weetwood.org/composite-decks/530.html'>wood board horse fence manufacture</a> the most 'foreign' equipment can not be used at home. Gao</p>
<p>Zhihua believes that at present the equipment in the country has also reached a certain level of strength. Therefore, Chinese enterprises must exercise vigilance and must not act lightly. They should listen more to professional advice and do not blindly believe in foreign countries.
China Timber Circulation Association floor board chairman Gao Zhihua all the leaders, partners, <a href='weetwood.org/composite-decks/531.html'>plastic table tops materials handling</a> all media friends, good morning everyone! Today, I first want to say my feelings. Second, I am not reporting today but discussing. From an emotional point of view, Li </p>
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